PVC is a synthetic polymer, i.e. a plastic. It has a very wide - and even versatile - application. It is used in the production of floor coverings, small finishing elements - such as moldings, as well as various tarpaulins - for porches , buses and gazebos. It is successfully used to make window films, façades and pipes. PVC is also perfect for the medical industry - as a material for making drains, syringes, catheters and probes. This polymer is also used to manufacture packaging, gramophone records, sports surfaces, and even insulation of electrical cables. Clients from Wrocław , Dzierżoniów ,Wałbrzych and Świebodzice, we offer functional products made of this material.

Types of PVC - plastics for the production of watering containers

The plastic in question is divided according to various properties - for example, hard PVC-U and soft PVC-P. In terms of the production technique, we distinguish between suspension PVC, emulsion PVC and plain PVC - mass polymerizing. The PVC used in our company is characterized by flexibility, high transparency and resistance to UV radiation. It retains its properties in the temperature range from -25 to +75 degrees. It has a grammage of 630-670 g / m2, it also has a hygiene certificate. This material is intended for the production of, for example, tent windows or for gardening. Our offer includes PVC tarpaulins for buses , verandas , terraces , trailers , but not only. We invite customers from all over the world .

What colors are available?