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Many years of experience and specialists working for us mean that the tarpaulins we create are characterized by high quality. The products we offer are durable, which makes them an investment for several years. Our assortment includes, among others, tarpaulins for trailers, cars, buses and cars. Their exact matching to the vehicle is of great importance, because this is the only way to properly secure the transported goods.

Trailer tarpaulins are very popular largely because they have many advantages. They not only protect against dust, dirt and moisture, but also against rain, sun and frost. In addition, they are very light and their assembly is quick and easy, which is why they are perfect for covering various types of equipment during transport. All products are made of PVC foil, which makes them waterproof, so you can use them in various weather conditions without fear.

As a manufacturer of PVC tarpaulins to size, apart from car models, we also build terraces, gardens in restaurants, and verandas in summer houses. All of them are made to measure, to fully match them to the customer's requirements. Their use allows you to expand the terrace, as well as the restaurant and summer garden. Due to the fact that these tarpaulins can be easily raised and lowered, they will be perfect regardless of the weather. In summer you can easily raise it, and in case of cold or rain, you can lower it quickly.

We know perfectly well that the products available in our offer can be damaged, for example by cutting with a sharp tool or breaking the fastening. Therefore, we also offer our customers service, we will repair it quickly and efficiently. We understand that downtime in transport is often problematic, so we will try to find a solution as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that our company is located in Dzierżoniów, in the vicinity of Wrocław, our services are directed not only to the residents of Lower Silesia, but also to customers from all over the world.