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Chambered polycarbonate

Polycarbonate cellular boards are made of polycarbonate resin by co-extrusion

They have many attractive properties:

  • high thermal insulation (U up to 1.0 W / m2K)
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • impact resistance
  • high light transmittance
  • light weight
  • high stiffness
  • protection with an anti-UV layer
  • durability (10-year warranty)
  • easy to cold and hot forming

The most common uses are:

  • roof coverings and glazing of sports, industrial and commercial facilities
  • smoke dampers and skylights
  • roofing of passages, stops, shelters
  • verandas, conservatories, balconies
  • greenhouses, swimming pools
  • partition wall
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • safe fillings of windows and doors

Cellular polycarbonate is the material chosen for the construction of roof lights, canopies, canopies and industrial windows. Thanks to their openwork structure, polycarbonate cellular panels are relatively light, and at the same time retain the properties of typical polycarbonate panels - they are resistant to damage and changing weather conditions, they transmit light and have very good thermal insulation parameters.

In combination with aluminum profiles, cellular polycarbonate panels are very suitable for creating modular structures that can be - depending on the needs - expanded. An additional advantage of structures made of polycarbonate is the possibility of replacing damaged sections. In the event of damage, only one polycarbonate plate has to be replaced. This makes the structures relatively inexpensive to operate and maintain.

Chambered polypropylene maintains high stiffness. However, this does not hinder its modeling. The material can be easily bent hot and cold, so it is possible to shape any structure - canopies, skylights, arched skylights.

At the customer's request, there is a possibility of assembly for an additional fee in poland.