For the production of "walls" we use materials from Western manufacturers Sattler, Sedo.
Thanks to that, we avoid the unpleasant smell of solvents in our buildings.

Tarpaulin buildings for restaurant and beer gardens, porches, gazebos. Summer raised windows made of transparent foil, functional doors, single and gable roofs. We offer our own structures with tarpaulin coatings and coverings for existing buildings. Tarpaulin superstructures are a practical way to increase the space for your business or expand the warehouse part of the company. Buildings next to a restaurant, beer garden, cafe or bar increase the space of the premises. With the use of a wooden or steel structure covered with tarpaulin material with a flame retardant certificate, we will obtain an additional room for consumption in the catering activity or a room for customers who want to smoke in a restaurant. Tarpaulin covers can also be used as a terrace, porch, garden arbor, car wash.

– Durable and flexible PVC foil, high transparency
– Suitable for building gazebos, walls in production halls, windows for tents, yachts, gates in gardening
– Self-extinguishing - not flammable
– Approved
– Any size and shape
– Short lead time. Shipping international
– We provide assembly at the customer's request (ONLY IN POLAND)
– Invoice, receipt